Alchemic Aromatherapist, Healing Herbalist,

Health and Natural Beauty Expert, Teacher and World Traveller.

For over 40 years I have been involved in the Beauty and Health Industry. I am a Fellow of the British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (BABTAC), an Aromatherapist and a Licensed Tutor of Beauty Therapy. Having lived and worked in numerous locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia, I've been known as the 'Intrepid Alchemist', always learning something new in every country from Shiatsu massage in Malaysia, to Faith and pranic healing in the Philippines. 

In recent years I have been learning (and am still a student of) the art of Hypnotherapy and Soul Midwifery. 2020 sees me studying with Alana Fairchild in the realm of Soul Guidance and Sacred Mentoring, a unique form of energy work and spiritual healing which is focused on healing the Soul, whilst prompting wellbeing on physical, emotional and psychological levels.​

I have been associated with the luxurious Spanish Spa brand ‘Alqvimia’ for over 20 years. I introduced the product and philosophy to the UK where I co-founded and managed the award winning ‘Alquimia Spa’ in the United Kingdom in 2001. I consider myself to be a pioneer in the concept of ‘Day Spa’ and have advised many Salons and Spas on what it takes to become a leader in this industry. I offer help, advice and feedback on all aspects of client/consumer relationships, for Hotels, Restaurants, Spas and Salons and I travel frequently between Europe and Asia.

My main focus and my 'mission' is to help people to find that balance within themselves where joy, calm and good health are our 'new normal'.

Therapists Helping Therapists

I have worked in the Beauty Industry for more than 30 years. It has been my absolute blessing to work in a field which I love. I started as a Beauty Therapist in the days when only 5 state run colleges in the UK offered the prestigious ‘City & Guilds’ and CIDESCO qualifications. Minimum entry qualifications in those days were not for the faint hearted and both a sound knowledge of science along with artistic flair were required. As the Beauty profession evolved, many colleges have appeared in most towns in the UK, making a career in this field accessible to many who perhaps lack the passion for the industry but assume the job is easy.


Despite having a place to apprentice in makeup artistry with the BBC, my own career progressed towards the more therapeutic aspects of beauty. I studied different modalities of massage, including Shiatsu and 
Acupressure, and have 
spent the past 20 years exploring new passions and becoming an addict of Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy.

I believe in life we have a duty to share our talents, in the hope that we can inspire younger generations and keep standards high. Since owning an award winning Day Spa I have trained, and believe inspired, many young therapists to evolve their own businesses. Helping them to be successful, happy and well rewarded for their talents, making their businesses raise and maintain a high profile of excellent standards.

Victoria Davies


Working with Julie was a hugely positive influence on my beauty career. She encouraged me to be passionate, confident and take pride in everything I do. She also inspired me to open my own successful business-  thank you for everything Julie!

I can help any business, whether new or established, from concept planning to branding, to location assessment, treatment planning, brochure design and ongoing marketing support. For more information and enquiries for my services, please fill out the form below.