Alchemy Moon Face Cream

Alchemy Moon Face Cream


These handmade creams are a beautiful blend of carrier and essential oils that are selected monthly around the time of the Full Moon, designed as a daytime complement to the nourishing Alchemy Moon Night Oil. The creams are formulated, blended and energised by the full moon, and so are only available in select batches once a month.


The formulation changes monthly according to the skincare needs of the season, and the emotional triggers that can arise from the changing lunar pattern. The carrier oils used are usually a blend of the finest quality Rosehip, Wheatgerm, Apricot Seed, Argan, Borage or Avocado oils; mixed with a floral water such as Hungarian Rose or Orange Blossom, and an organic emulsifier to bring the formula together into a sumptuous, luxurious cream. This is then finished with essential oils chosen by me for their therapeutic and holistic purposes, to enhance the condition of the skin and emotional wellbeing. 


This cream is handmade with no preservatives, so is best enjoyed as soon as purchased. Please do get in touch if you have specific allergies and would like the full ingredients list at the time of formulation. 50ml.

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