Alqvimia Feminine Sensuality Body Nectar

Alqvimia Feminine Sensuality Body Nectar


To seduce, charm, enjoy... Sensuality Body Nectar Woman is a blend of 100% natural sublime oils that affect your skin at a cosmetic level and which also enhance the feminine essence, helping women get in touch with themselves. Formulated with the very best essential oils that help develop femininity, such as Bulgarian Rose, Indian Jasmine, Egyptian Geranium, Moroccan Neroli and Indonesian Ylang-Ylang, the soul of the most sensual flowers wisely combined to transform your feminine essence; radiate your inner beauty and improve your sensuality and power of seduction.


Sensuality Body Nectar can be applied to the lower abdomen to unblock yang energy from the second chakra, where openness and pleasure energy is concentrated. Applied to the area of the ovaries in a circular massage with the fingers; perform 36 movements to the right and 36 movements to the left to enhance the formula’s stimulating effect. This can also be performed as part of a seduction ritual with your partner during intimate moments.


Sensuality contains Vegetable Oils such as Almond, Rosehip, Sesame and St. John's Wort, which provide moisturisation, nourishment and regeneration for your skin by revitalising your feminine essence and, as a result, enhance your seduction, fascination and pleasure attributes. This Body Oil contains the 3 Alqvimia jewels, Bulgarian Rose, Neroli and Jasmine. Sensuality Oil is a powerful aphrodisiac that will provide you with both internal and external pleasure, confidence and well-being.