Alqvimia Queen of Egypt Body Oil

Alqvimia Queen of Egypt Body Oil


The Queen of Egypt Body Oil nourishes, tightens and perfumes your skin with a sweet and exotic fragrance providing you with greater self-esteem.


Inspired in the beauty ointments used by the queens of Egypt, this exotic oil is based on Incense and Myrrh balsams and has an incredible beautifying power. This oil keeps the skin young and radiant, while lending an intense sensation of femininity and charm. Its exquisite perfume gives you a penetrating feeling of self-confidence and increases your self-esteem, transporting this sensation beyond your senses.


This body oil is a perfect synergy of the Almond Vegetable Oil and the Queen of Egypt Essential Oils, which will help improve skin regeneration by preventing the skin from ageing, thanks to the nourishing power of this sublime oil which works against stretch marks and has a rejuvenating effect.

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