Alqvimia Sensuality Intimate Oil

Alqvimia Sensuality Intimate Oil


Sensuality Intimate Oil is, as its name implies, a 100% natural intimate oil made from the purest flowers that connect to one's femininity, such as the Bulgarian Rose, Jasmine, Ylang and Neroli. These oils tone, soften and moisturize, as well as helping to bring out feminine joy, causing a sensation of pleasure and a natural high.


It connects to the joy within us, causing a woman's luminous beauty to blossom. With its seductive and sensual fragrance and its toning, softening, moisturizing and stimulating properties, the oil facilitates the female orgasm, thus transforming physical pleasure into spiritual joy.


Sensuality Intimate Oil provides the luxury of feeling and being intimately and profoundly connected to oneself, to our purest feminine essence, spurring a sensation of confidence, inner strength and, most importantly, happiness.


This marvellous Intimate Oil is composed of the essential oils of:


Bulgarian Rose: Pure, sublime and powerful. Its fragrance brings a sensation of boldness and security. It is a beauty elixir. It has moisturizing and protective properties. Bulgarian Rose is associated with purity, ecstasy and fertility.

Jasmine: Extremely Yin, its fragrance is deep and pure, cultivating a fascinating seductive power within a woman. It possesses moisturizing, calming and relaxing properties. One of the most sensual, seductive and aphrodisiacal of oils for women, it can enhance your power of seduction.

Neroli: Symbol of purity. With stimulating, deodorizing, invigorating and activating properties. It has a great power to moisturize and decrease stress. Neroli stimulates a pure outlook on things. 


Geranium: Its fragrance brings balance, a good mood and joy. It is powerfully detoxifying and moisturizing. The geranium represents feminine strength and power.

Ylang Ylang: The flower of flowers, an essential oil with floral, warm, exotic and feminine notes. It has a purifying effect. The Ylang-Ylang essential oil has been attributed with aphrodisiacal properties, as well as helping to stimulate one's libido.
Peppermint: It is a natural, physical and mental calming agent. It has anti-inflammatory properties; it is refreshing and is a decongestant.


Mint expands energy and helps to distribute the other essential oils we have mentioned above.


Alqvimia's Sensuality Intimate Oil

  • It acts as a flash of beauty and keeps the area velvety and moisturized.

  • It provides an intense sensation that can contribute to the female orgasm and act as a powerful aphrodisiac prior to having intimate relations with your partner.

  • Heightens a woman's magnetism and her power of attraction, as the energy from of a woman's joy is very noticeable.

  • It helps a woman feel better about herself.

  • It opens you to enjoy all types of experiences, as not only will it connect you to sexual joy, sensuality intimate oil invites you to see the joyful side of life.

  • It connects you to your wisdom and intuition. It opens a spiritual dimension in your feminine being. It opens you to this dormant spiritual power existing in every woman.