Champagne, Shellfish & Sex

The Ritz Four Seasons was the setting for a sensory experience in luxury, indulgence and satisfaction. Arriving in the foyer of this elegant hotel in Lisbon was such a thrill. Once I’d checked in, my name was used by every member of staff from housekeeping to laundry to barman. The room was disappointing and my request for a change was met with a sincere regard for my utmost customer satisfaction. The new room was spacious, light and airy with spectacular views over Lisbon to the sea. I spent the first night alone enjoying the peace, the serenity, the soft plush luxurious cotton of the bed sheets. The following day I indulged myself in a Spa Therapy session. I felt my body relax during the massage and afterwards in the relaxation area I slumbered in a soft & dreamy state. On waking I was put to mind of a baby stirring from its afternoon nap, a completely clear mind, no thoughts... an emptiness that I can’t explain… no looking for love, no pain, no need for anything, just an emptiness full of love and gratitude for the priviledge. Is this 'bliss’?

The Spa session was followed by my Man’s arrival and an inevitable lovely passionate reunion. Cocktails followed and dinner feasting on freshly caught crab dipped in melted butter. Simple, delicious, decadent and divine.

I often wonder these days at the development of my perceptions. My 50’s are bringing about a self assurance and worldliness that makes me feel blessed and grateful for these fabulous experiences. I’m pretty sure the discovery of Alqvimia has a lot to do with it, along with a release from my family commitments and a rediscovery of freedom. Using natures’ gifts in my beauty regime, allowing aromatherapy to balance my emotional health, taking the time to look after myself and appreciate my health has resulted in a beautiful blossoming of joy and happiness in my middle years.

Ritz Champagne

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