Aromatherapy and Our Emotions

There are times in our lives when our emotions start to run away with themselves. Learning to balance our emotional energy is probably one of the greatest lessons we must master in order to live happy and fulfilled lives, with less dis-ease, physical health issues and depression.

I have noticed in my private practice the past few years, that anxiety and depression seem to be on the increase, even amongst children. An alarming number of people have resorted to pharmaceuticals in their desperate need to find some help amidst despair.

At the moment, we are in the midst of a chaotic situation as the World copes with Mother Natures’ rebalancing programme.

When chaos takes place, we have a choice, “do I buy into this chaos?’ We are ‘in it’, but ‘it’ doesn’t have to become our reality. If you succumb to the drama of chaos, your emotional energy becomes diminished, fear and worry step in and before you know it, your immune system is compromised and you feel terrible.

So, we must make a conscious choice with intention to nourish our thoughts, becoming calmer and more aware that the only truth for us all is to be present in this moment, letting go of our need to know the future.

Of course, mindfulness is a choice, and what better time is there to start a journey to learn new techniques than now, here in 2020, when there is an abundance of online workshops and some amazing teachers out there.

“To meditate is to be able to live in eternity in the present” Idili Lizcano

My lifetime's passion has always been to return to Mother Nature for her assistance. Even in the simplest of essential oils we can find help, relief from anxiousness and a connection to the Grace of Heaven, where hopefully we can feel in the flow of life without succumbing to worry and fear.

Alchemic Transformation using essential oils will never occur using inferior, cheap oils. Only the highest quality essential oils will have the power to bring about the change we are hoping for. I am always available for advice. Message me here.

Here are a few gifts from Natures Magic toolbox to inspire you into bringing some glorious aromas into your daily life. Have diffusers around the house, dilute in carrier oil and apply to the skin, and add to your daily bath and shower.


Meet The Citrus Family

The energy of fruity oils can be compared to our childhood and our ‘Inner Child’. Smelling them brings about feelings of freshness, dreaming, Summer, the sunshine. A time (hopefully) in our lives when we had no worries. “I don’t have to work, earn money, I’m fed, have a place to sleep and I am protected. I am secure. I only have to think about playing, laughing and learning. The present is the only thing that matters. “

Lemon is a brilliant cleaner, and it also cleans the emotions. It assists in releasing feelings of despair and hopelessness by restoring feelings of joy and happiness. It can inspire joyful involvement in the present moment by infusing the soul with energy and confidence.

Orange is happiness and joy, creativity, calm relaxation and wellness. Self-esteem, hope and optimism, spontaneity, fun, joy and playfulness.

Bergamot is THE best oil to combat anxiety. Anxiety is connected to the future; fear of what might happen. Bringing light and sunshine to the heart and solar plexus, Bergamot awakens the soul to hope, reigniting optimism and confidence in the self and imparting true self-acceptance. Natures anti-depressant, a drop on the heart chakra every day, can help us to let go of self-judgment by learning to love ourselves unconditionally.

Grapefruit helps us to build authenticity, cooperation and brings us to action. It's fresh uplifting aroma supports us in taking responsibility for our feelings and gives us hope that we can shift emotions which no longer serve us.

Petitgrain is distilled from the leaves of the Orange tree. It helps with concentration and optimism. It supports us in making our own decisions in life and taking responsibility for our feelings.

Lavender is an emotional balancer. Sometimes it can really move emotional energy. It helps with gentle communication and listening too. It encourages emotional honesty and assists us in speaking our innermost truths and desires. As we learn to communicate our deepest thoughts and feelings, we can feel liberated for our own self imprisonment.

Marjoram relieves tension in the muscles, combats anger and aggression. It softens the heart and heals past wounds helping us feel the ability to trust.


Of course, there are many other essential oils which help us and sometimes it is easier to choose a ready-made blend, or even a prescriptive blend, to get us started on our self-help journey.

Get in touch for more information and oily recommendations!


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