Yoga and Essential Oils

Yoga is the art of using your mind to control your body and thereby achieving self discipline in its truest sense.

In the East it has been developed as a rather extreme ascetic discipline to illustrate the spirit's mastery of the physical body, and to demonstrate almost superhuman feats of endurance. But in its more popular Western form it uses simple relaxation exercises, postures, meditation techniques and mantras to improve health and create peace of mind. There are numerous types of yoga and over the course of my 40 year yoga journey I’ve tried quite a few. Now in my steady years I’m happy to flow with the gentle Hatha yoga with a sprinkling of Kundalini, Tantra and Mantra yoga mixed in.

I’ve been very blessed to have had some amazing teachers along the way, some more memorable than others! A very strict teacher in Malaysia in the early ‘90’s was a little bit of a disciplinarian. He was very strict, very expensive and I think a bit of a masochist. He used to shout at us if he heard us chatting, we had to enter the room in silence leaving all our belongings outside and then he would run us through the mangle for an hour. We couldn’t walk for a few days but we must have been obviously feeling better because we would turn up every week.

One of my best blessings of this 2020 lockdown has been reconnecting with two of my yoga teachers from the past, from Malaysia and York, as well as this present time here in Hornsea. Having classes to download on the computer and also lots of ‘live’ classes numerous times a week has helped me to cope with the challenges this period in time has brought up, and I’m lucky to have the peace, the space and the opportunity to indulge myself.


Since working with Doterra essential oils, I’ve realised how they too have helped me to ‘tune in’ and improve my practice. The Yoga collection is a box set of 3 oils (although they are available individually)

It includes;

Anchor Steadying Blend

Promotes courage and a steady foundation for moving forward. Its particularly good at this Corona time if we feel as though we are in a period of instability. In class I use this on the tops of my feet, it helps me to ground and feel ‘anchored’ at the beginning of my practice. I do use it generally though when I’m having one of those wobbly days. (not just during my yoga practice.)

It’s a beautiful blend of Lavender, Juniper, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Cinnamon, Sandalwood, Black Pepper and Patchouli.

A nice thought to bear in mind. ‘Who are your anchors?’ ‘Who has been a steady anchor for you in your life?’

Align Centering Blend

Helping us to ‘align’ our practice with self acceptance and connectivity. I apply a drop to my heart and solar plexus at the beginning of my practice.

The blend contains Bergamot, Coriander, Marjoram, Peppermint, Geranium, Basil, Rose and the gorgeous Jasmine.

Ask yourself ‘Who keeps you in alignment?’

Arise Enlightening Blend

Gives a feeling of ‘rising up’ to meet life! It reawakens focus and promotes clarity and intuition. I pop a drop on my third eye just as we settle down for Savasana relaxation at the end of the practice.

Contains Lemon, Grapefruit, Siberian Fir, Osmanthus and the ‘oil of light’, Melissa.

I wonder, ‘Who helps raise you up in your life’?


If you would like to buy the oils mentioned at retail price, please visit my Shop, or if you’d like to receive 25% discount for one year and start an oily journey, please message me here.

I feel full of Gratitude to my Yoga teachers past and present, check out their websites and give them a try!

Helen Gray of The Alchemy of Light

Lilley Harvey of Peacock Tree Yoga

Emma Heald of Em Yoga

Maya Yoga in KL and retreats in Bali.


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