Pangkor Paradise

Pangkor Laut Resort is situated on its own exclusive Island off the West Coast of Malaysia. I’ve been there many times over the past 22 years, each visit being rich with its own special experiences.

In the good old days, few cars on the road and no highways meant the journey from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut took about 4 hours. After a chugging one hour ferry ride, we would arrive at the Island where a wave of relaxation and delight would come over me as I’d never been anywhere quite so beautiful. We used to have a ‘family villa’, rooms on stilts on the beach or in the trees. A day on Emerald bay used to involve an hours trek over the hill carrying all our parafinalia, a very basic toilet full of mosquitoes had the children shrieking. Oh but what a sight on arrival, the most glorious perfect bay with crystal clear water, you can feel your lungs exhale all the stress of city life.

Over the years I’ve born witness to the transformation of a simple family orientated resort to a 5 * exclusive luxury offering with Spa Village. In 2008 I flew to Pangkor and stayed for a whole week in a Spa Villa. I had an experience into the world of Ayurveda. The standard of the treatments was excellent and I left feeling that wonderful sense of wellbeing that only a whole week commitment in a ‘Health Spa’ ( as opposed to a Beauty Spa ) can give.

By now a road has been built over to Emerald Bay where we have ‘paradise with a toilet and showers’, the friendly drivers will come along in response to a quick phone call and collect you. You can even book a romantic sunset supper under the palm trees.

My most recent visit was in October 2013. Two friends and I had a hair raising journey by road followed by an even more hair raising speed boat ride. The welcome reception was exactly as I remembered but sadly, the rest of the trip didn’t live up to expectations. The hot rooms were looking tired, the outdoor bath was full of leaves and unusable. The breakfast was disappointing and didn’t seem to have the quality I remembered.

Of course Emerald bay didn’t disappoint and the location has to be one of the most beautiful bays in the world. It would be hard not to enjoy any type of holiday here but the price tag has to satisfy expectations I think. The Spa didn’t disappoint either, beautiful unhurried relaxing treatments, the bath house is not to be missed. The Staff and the location are certainly on a parr with anywhere in the World I’ve been, and I have no doubt that I will return.


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