The World is My Oyster

I found myself daydreaming after hearing that my travelling companion has been liberated from his work for some breathing space. He’s been handed such a lovely gift for his Birthday….TIME! Where shall we go? What shall we do?

According to the wonderful astrologer Susan Miller (, my New Moon last month fell in my broadening adventurous house of foreign travel and higher learning. The Ninth house in my chart is where we ‘get above the routine of daily life and expand our learning of the world around us.’

Apparently ancient astrologers always felt that international travel was intrinsic to learning.

Looking for inspiration I turned to one of my favourite blogs, and read a lovely piece about the 11 best places in the world to eat oysters. Oysters are a favourite aphrodisiac around the world, and in the words of Catalan man, Agustí Bertomeu, who has been farming oysters for most of his life: “Six Delta del Ebro oysters equal two Viagra pills.” I’m thinking this looks a very good idea and the making of a good trip!

I have the most blessed and interesting life. Sitting in Kuala Lumpur in the middle of a thunderstorm, the rain is lashing down and the lightning looks as though it is New Years Eve fireworks all over again. I’m heading to Europe for the Summer looking at boutique hotels in Paris and eating Oysters in Catalonia.

I’ve often daydreamed about having the freedom to travel wherever chance or fancy takes me, unencumbered by schedules and obligations and too many pre planned destinations. I heard a quote somewhere that says something about the need to plan, “Planning is of ritually killing all inspiration. Inspiration transcends the need for planning.”

I seem to be having vivid dreams about travelling, they seem to be echoing my willingness to go where the moment takes me and trust that I’ll arrive in an interesting place.

It feels good to be guided less by expectation than by curiosity and with much excitement; our first destination has been planned, not risking spontaneity to be ruffled by the throngs of Easter holidaymakers.

The world is my oyster and my life is the pearl…….

The World is My Oyster

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