Bali Bliss

One of my Sons has chosen to live in Bali. He’s worked his little socks off to buy a piece of land and is now designing (and redesigning) the Villa of his dreams. All the tons of Lego I have stashed in the loft are testament to the fact that he is never so happy as when he is constructing something or other.

He paid me a visit last week and his handsome face looked tanned and happy. Around him he has an air of relaxed peace & calm. He’s also managed to chuck the cigarettes so something must be agreeing with him.

He told me he had played the best game of golf of his life at a course right on the beachfront Nirwana Pan Pacific. Always looking for answers, I wondered what had made it such a brilliant game? We decided that having three massages in a week, great craic with his buddies and the fact that the sun was setting over the sea all seemed to be contributing factors. ‘Did you feel that lovely glob of happiness in your throat?’ I wanted to know, and sure enough he said he did.

It feels such a blessing to me to see someone I love so much to be so sure he is in the right place at exactly the right time. Perhaps after years of me bleating on about ‘don’t worry, be happy’ he has actually found his road to his Bliss.

We often think that bliss and happiness are the same because both induce smiles and laughter, but I don’t think they are. Happiness seems to be dependent on other people, external circumstances, everything going the right way. Bliss seems to me to be something like a prayer, private and deeply personal. Manifesting as visceral sensations of unspeakable joy, a connection to our spirits and a glimpse of the Divine.

I feel as though my Sons spirit is now finding its way to touch him. Trying to seek his balance of working hard but also enjoying his life, following his dreams to be exactly where he needs to be, being with people who help him to be, maybe this is him finding his Bliss.

Bali Sunset

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