Moonlight Serenade

Since embracing the world of Alchemy for many years, primarily through the teachings of Idili Lizcano (, I’ve become an avid Moon watcher. Maybe its because my family name was ‘Lunn’, a derivative of ‘Luna’, maybe my ancestors were ‘Moon Maidens’? Maybe its because I was born under the sign of Cancer whose ruling planet is the Moon? The Moons’ cycles are a big part of my daily life. I believe that my feminine energy is enhanced and my well being nurtured by acknowledging my connection to the Moon.

The Full Moon reminds me that this is my ‘peak’ time of the month. A fertile time of ovulation, literally a rich ‘fullness’, bursting with possibility and energy. If I’m helping a client with fertility issues, the first step towards successful conception is to help her to develop a regular 28 day ovulation cycle following the Moons energy.

The New Moon reminds me that it is time to rest, nurture, relax and renew. In ancient cultures menstruating women would congregate in cabins together at this time to sing songs, make herbal remedies and to rest, leaving the grandmothers and fathers to care for the children. A stark contrast to these days when modern society calls this time of the month ‘the curse’ and women carry on regardless as though the body is a machine treating each day of the month the same way, even exercising like crazy, wondering ‘why am I tired all the time’? Duh!!!

Even a woman who has finished menstruating can benefit from keeping harmonized within this powerful cycle to help stay balanced within the flow of nature. Our hormones, our emotions and our energy still cycle.

Being exposed to moonlight is also very balancing to our cycles. Moonlight helps us to connect. Artificial light on the other hand insulates us and interferes with our normal monthly processes. Women with health problems, PMS, irregular periods, difficult menopause or conception problems can all benefit from pursuing this harmony.

This month we have the benefit of two eclipses. The Full Moon on the 8th October was in Libra, the symbol of the scales reminded us that finding our balance in all areas of our lives was a priority. Relationships with ourselves, with others, with our working lives all benefitted from some awareness in this area. I performed a healing ceremony in the privacy of my home, energizing rose quartz crystals, wrapping them in fabric and gifting to my friends to help symbolize the energy of bringing more love and balance into their lives.

The New Moon in Scorpio on the 23rd October is a solar eclipse. Scorpio is a fixed water sign, tending to contain old emotional patterns, which may have got stuck over time and stagnated. This is a good time to sit in reflection, remind ourselves of the parts of our lives that are no longer working and consciously release the negatives that may be holding us back.

My connection with the lunar cycles extends to being aware of ‘favourable timings’ for just about every area of my life…from gardening to haircuts, to dental appointments. For many years I used to carry a moon calendar around in my diary and wouldn’t book an appointment without consulting it. I’d have people calling me up to say, “Jules…so and so is scheduled for an operation, and is the timing OK?” Imagine my delight when I discovered that my favourite guidebook had been made into an app! (Download it from here) Modern Technology at its best! Even though the app is great, I would highly recommend the books by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe too.

If we are trying to find balance in our eating and drinking routine, its worth noting that the energy of the Full Moon and the New Moon give us a double dose of power in whatever we are up to. For example, fasting or detoxing on either or both of these days can have twice the effect on the body. Have you ever had a glass of wine on a Full Moon and felt it go ‘straight to your head’ as though you have had twice the amount? I’ve always felt my heart sink when I see that someone has planned a party on a Full Moon, it will probably be lively and fun, but oh heck, watch for the unexpected! Interestingly enough, I lived in Sri Lanka for 3 years where the Full Moon is a public holiday every month called a ‘Poya' day, and all the alcohol shops are closed!


Moonlight Serenade

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