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Being the Spa explorer I am, I’m always in search of the best, the different, and the most innovative and authentic places in the world. I’ve long been a campaigner against the miss use of the word “Spa”, seeing the word become a buzzword for something that is really a ‘beauty salon’ or even a nail bar. A true Spa is a place where healing occurs, where ‘health’ is the focus of the business. I ‘ve always searched for the type of place that cares about how the customer FEELS on exit. Of course its wonderful to look good too, but “how do you feel?” should be the question, and how did you feel the next day, oh and maybe a week later if a place has been doing what a Spa is supposed to do.

So here I am frequently in the 'Spa Capital' of the World! There are so many Spas in Bali; it’s a bit like pubs used to be in England. At least two or three on every street.

Of course, not all of them are ‘Spa’s’. My husband was struggling with a stiff neck and hot stone massage usually does the trick. He had the worst treatment he’s ever had the other day in a very posh place where he almost gave the therapist a lesson in how to use the stones. Ineffective, poor quality and not at all therapeutic.

Last month, I went in search of authenticity and was lucky enough to find a first class unassuming place, which I would definitely recommend and visit again.

A very nice cool welcome at The Eastern Garden Martha Tilaar Spa was the prelude to a wonderful afternoon of rest, relaxation and renewal.

The Décor of the Spa was very interesting. A wonderful Hydrotherapy pool is the centerpiece of the place.

A short questionnaire resulted in me choosing a package of 5 treatments. I was escorted to the rather exotic ladies changing room and put on a light cotton robe. The afternoon’s delights started with a Far Infra Red Sauna session. Apparently the sauna heat originates from solar energy made up of infra red waves. The treatment is recommended by medical professionals to relieve pain, prevent illness, reduce fluid retention, improve skin elasticity and detoxify the body. I can’t say that being warmed up to that temperature in a tropical country was particularly pleasant, but I managed the recommended 20 minutes and the cool rain shower afterwards was wonderfully refreshing.

My beautiful Balinese therapist then escorted me upstairs to a very nice cool, quiet treatment room where she began my treatments with a foot cleansing ritual performed to soft music. A body scrub and chakra balancing followed a truly excellent massage, which was thorough and professional.

I thought I had relaxed enough by the time the chakra stones were placed. I wondered how I would be able to switch off for another 30 minutes, but I must have slipped into a coma because the next thing I knew was the sound of gentle chimes stirring me awake from a deep sleep.

I was given ample time to shower, change and was served some special brew which was intended to help my circulation.

All in all I’d highly recommend this Spa, a true hidden gem within the teeming streets of Seminyak.

photo credit, martha tilaar spa



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