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I'm not sure if its because my maiden name is Lunn, but i've always felt tuned into the moon and her cycles. My favourite book is called 'Moon Time, The Art of Harmony with Nature and Lunar cycles ' by Johanna Paungger and Thomas Poppe which is full of information I think I already knew and thought I could have written! For years I used to carry around a copy of a paper moon calendar in my bag, but to my delight, the authors of the book now have a fabulous App available to download and I have all this wonderful information at my fingertips.

Supermoon over Rutland Water

It has always rather made sense to me that the phases of the moon could influence our beauty regimes. Frankly, anything which has the power to move tides on the seashore must surely have a pull on our bodies. (And if you’ve ever tossed and turned, struggling to sleep – only to discover the next day that it was full moon – you probably agree.) Certainly, several leading natural beauty companies – including Alqvimia, Weleda and Dr Haushka, also proclaim the importance of carefully choosing when to plant, grow, harvest and blend ingredients for the products they make. For centuries – millennia, probably – farmers planted their crops in tune with the moon’s phases, and its powers have been recognised in ‘biodynamic’ agriculture since the

late 1800s.

Staff at Dr. Hauschka, famously, work according to moon-based principles laid down by Austrian philosopher Dr. Rudolph Steiner, (famously picking their roses at dawn for maximum potency and scent, too). Dr. Mariano Speizia, the well known homeopath not only works according to moon phases but infuses his herb/oil blends by positioning the huge jars to absorb moonlight.

Moon watching horticulturalists realise that the moon’s gravitational pull affects the moisture of the soil. If you work with the four moon cycles, you never have to water, so the practice is conservationist as well as organic. Pick apples and potatoes at the full moon for maximum moisture, and then in the last quarter of the cycle, when the soil is less saturated, it’s time for ploughing and cultivation.

Just how does that translate to beauty, though…?

In the 'olden days' people never used to trim hedges or have their hair cut until the last quarter of the cycle, when they knew re-growth would be both speedy and healthy. After following the moon cycles for years as regards to hair care, I can say that the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Hair, I think, is particularly affected by the phases of the moon – and not just the hair on our heads. When the moon is growing in the heavens (the ‘waxing’ phase), hair growth is also rapid and it’s thought to be the best time to get a haircut, (especially when the moon is in Leo) with the full moon the very best time of all. This is also the optimum time to enjoy treatments which rejuvenate and repair the skin; to apply hair masks, face masks, and nourish nails (which are also believed to grow faster when the moon’s waxing). The ‘waning’ phase, meanwhile – just after full moon – is conversely thought to slow the pace of growth of hair, nails and skin. But it’s a good time for drawing out toxins (how about a bath in dead sea salts ?), or for mud packs, or detoxing. If going to the hairdresser bores you, maybe schedule your haircut for the waning moon’s phase, as it will now grow

more slowly.

Confused? Here’s a brief ‘lunar beauty’ checklist…

-Dark of the moon: Time to pluck, thread, wax and get rid of anything you don’t want (including dead skin, via exfoliation), because it’s said that they’ll be slower to return. Anything painful (such as waxing and brow-plucking) shouldn’t hurt as much either.

-A new moon is a good time for anti-cellulite and deep cleansing treatments.

-A waxing moon is perfect for nourishing, relaxing and regenerating treatments, so slather on the rich oils and butters; anything which replenishes is the perfect choice. Cut hair now if you want it to regrow healthily.

-A full moon is when the body is said to be at its most absorbent; choose rich, soothing products. If you cut your hair now, growth will be speediest, while filing or cutting nails will encourage strong and rapid regrowth. But don’t wax around full moon; our pain threshold is said to be at its lowest.

-A waning moon is time for purifying, deep cleansing, exfoliating, detoxing.

At the Potion Apothecary, I make a point of making my blends, creams and oils according to where the moon is. On this powerful Supermoon in November 2016, I have two orders sitting out in the moonlight absorbing the energy along with some crystals and my wish list for the month ahead.

Image courtesy of @rutlandwaterpark


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