Happy Babies = Happy Parents

Excited as I am becoming a grandmother for the first time, its been such a joy to me to observe my

daughter enjoying her own journey into Motherhood. Baby is thriving and my daughter is doing well at accepting her own mother's belief that Aromatherapy has a place in this very life changing time of her life.

I had my first baby in Sri Lanka at a time where life was more simple, we didn't have 'Google' or access to the world of information. We were recommended to choose one baby 'manual' and stick to it.

Nowadays new mums are bombarded with lots and lots of (often conflicting) opinions. Sifting through it all and connecting to our own Inner Wisdom seems to be harder than ever.

We women have to try to remember that we can all look for the help of nature to top up our arsenal of solutions for the challenges that life will throw at us. Of course there is a lot of the unknown in becoming a new mum, and also a lot of fear about things going wrong or baby becoming sick, but I do believe that part of our connection to our intuitive inner voice helps us to differentiate between knowing when there

really is something amiss and we would be wise to seek medical advice.

Aromatherapy used at home can help with all sorts of everyday issues and will probably make life more peaceful, calm and happy for everyone concerned. We use very low dilutions for babies (5 drops in 50ml) and they should never be given to a small baby internally or used neat on the skin.

Babies soon learn to associate a smell with love, warmth and comfort so using 1 drop of a sweet smelling oil such as Wild Orange or Geranium on a tissue while baby is feeding will help calm them down and also help your babysitter to have an easier time!

At a recent Botanical conference I attended, we learned how even a premature baby would smile and start its suckling reflex when a drop of Vanilla was wafted under its nose. A study proved that babies who were subjected to pleasant aromas gained weight quicker, had better appetites and were calmer when aromatherapy was included in its care. Enlightened hospitals are now using more pleasing natural smells (such as Eucalyptus, Melaleuca or On Guard*) for babies, rather than the harsh antibacterial chemicals usually used for cleaning incubators etc.

Bathing Formula - combine the following and just use 1 teaspoon full for babies bath.

5 drops of essential oil

1 teaspoon of honey

50ml water

I love to include citrus oils in a blend for babies. Lemon, Mandarin, Wild Orange or the lovely blend Citrus Bliss*. On an evening I would add a drop of Chamomile or Lavender to the blend for the bath or to diffuse in babies bedroom.

A diffuser is a bit of a necessity for babies and children. Endless snuffly nights when teething starts can be helped by having a few drops of respiratory helpers diffused into babies room to help clear the airways. (Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Air*)

There are great choices of diffusers or vaporisers at Doterra . For a small investment its value will be appreciated for many years.

Windy Babies

2 drops Mandarin or Wild Orange

1 drop Chamomile

1 drop Peppermint

(or 5 drops Zengest*)

30 ml carrier oil (Almond, Coconut or Apricot Seed)

Massage babies tummy and back 1 hour before feeding


Too much wind can become trapped and is then said to lead to colic. The burpy blend above can be used in a compress.

Put one drop of your chosen oil in a screw top jar with an inch of water and shake well. Add about a quarter of an inch of hot water, stir well and