Tree Hugging

We’ve recently bought a ‘project’. A happy home that has housed a loving family for over 50 years and needs bringing up to date. The house itself isn’t of particular interest yet, but what spoke to me during umpteen viewings was the garden. The house sits on a magnificent plot overlooking the park and has the most amazing trees.

The tree police have been to warn us of random tree chopping (as if!), after a nosey neighbour thought they would report our artful pruning of an out of control walnut. Being reported was to prove a blessing as having a tree expert’s knowledge was wonderful and she took her time having a look around and giving some sound identification to these new gifts we have inherited.

An amazing discovery identified a rare wonderful species, Coastal Redwood Sequoia sempivirens sitting there so stately in the garden with its beautiful red bark. It may be 150 years old! In America it grows to be the tallest tree in the world. The biggest specimens in the UK are to be found in the west apparently, but somehow we have one on the East Coast of Yorkshire where the tree apparently loves the sea mists and its foliage smells of grapefruit.

For some reason the magnificent Cypress cupressus sempervirens (pictured) has really captivated my imagination as it can be seen from the house looking majestic and proud. The Latin word ‘sempervirens’ means ‘ever living’, referring to the evergreen leaves on the tree and may have been referring to the afterlife in Roman times. The use of Cypress as an incense and medicine was first recorded in Ancient Egypt. It is planted in graveyards throughout the Mediterranean as a symbol for grief and solace, having a profound effect on the lungs, encouraging the process of ‘taking in and letting go’.

One of my most inspiring teachers Gabriel Mojay writes in his book ‘Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit’ that the key words for Cypress are ‘transition, transformation and renewal’. Since I am an apprentice Alchemist, anything with the theme of ‘transformation’ is my particular passion. I have a plan to build my little Alchemists shed under the tree and make tree remedies from the energy and inspiration of these 100 plus year old trees.

Not just for changes in health, the oil can be helpful at times of transition such as career changes, puberty, marriage, moving home and major spiritual decisions such as changing one’s religion. It can help with painful transitions such as bereavement, divorce, or the ending of close relationships. Emotionally it can help us to dissolve remorse and instill optimism. I use it often in blends with Marjoram and Bergamot to help with grief and bereavement.

Along with powerful effects on the lungs, in Oriental medicine, one of Cypress oils’ principal actions is to enliven and regulate the blood, making it a wonderful harmonizer for menstrual problems. As if that isn’t enough, Cypress also moves the blood, helping to circulate Qi (Chi) energy providing relief for anything which needs relief of an anti spasmodic nature such as spasmodic colitis, premenstrual tension, acne, skin rashes, lymphatic congestion and rheumatic pain.

During my Spa years, we had some wonderful slimming and Cellulite treatments on offer where we used Cypress oil as the principal ‘mover and shaker’ along with Juniper Berry and Rosemary to get the circulation moving, detoxifying and decongestant, it was wonderful to witness stuck stagnant energy ‘transforming and renewing’ leaving the client energised and rejuvenated.

Sadly, there aren’t many Spas around which have the imagination to use personalised blends, so its back to the ‘home spa’ idea and turning your Bathroom into a resort! Bathing in a cupful of Dead Sea Salt is one of the most therapeutic things we can do. Add a combination of your chosen oils or contact me for a personalised blend.

Synchronicity at its best, lo and behold, Cypress essential oil just

happens to be my free gift this month from Doterra.

I’m really enjoying working with Doterra. We are bringing Aromatherapy

into everyone’s medicine box and beauty cabinet. If you would like any information on taking the steps to learning more about Natures gifts,

please e-mail me, I’m happy to help.


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